Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Has Bitterness Taken You Over?

Bitterness is something that sneaks in and is so difficult to get rid of by yourself.  It is like a prison once it has taken over your life.  You sit and dwell on the things that others have done to you and you just want revenge! Your feelings are hurt, you are angry, and you go into a deep depression and the other person has now taken control of your life!

STOP IT!  Don't let anyone else control your emotions!  Don't let someone else tell you how to feel!  You have to fight the bitterness in a way that will help you heal.  Give it to God! He will help you deal with your bitterness and anger in a way that will leave you feeling at peace and lifted up in spirit.

I have started keeping a bitterness journal.  Yep, a bitterness journal.  I know, most people keep a gratitude journal so they can go back and look at all of the things they are thankful for, and that is wonderful! But, I look at my life and I can see the things I am thankful for while bitterness and anger eat me up on the inside.  I needed a way to express that bitterness and anger.  I needed a way to deal with it.

In my journal I have pictures that I printed out and cut to fit the pages.  I have copies of pages from The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace.  One of the pages is "The Two Different Responses to Being Hurt" and the other set of pages is the chart on "Bitter Thoughts vs. Kind, Tender-Hearted, and Forgiving Thoughts".  If you have not read this book, I recommend it to every woman around the world that has a relationship with God.  Anyway, these pages from her book are what got me on the path to my bitterness journal.  I also have drawings in my journal.  Yes, I drew stuff!  Not very pretty stuff, but it is my journal so it doesn't really matter.  Right?  And then I also have writings.  I journal my bitterness and anger in red ink, and then under that (or on the next page) I journal the Biblical response to my bitterness and how I need to deal with it.  It doesn't matter if the bitterness is from 20 years ago or today, there is an appropriate response and God will help us find it!

If you have a lot of bitterness in your life, or if you see bitterness growing in someone you love and care about, please, think about starting a journal and getting it all out.  Pray that God will help you deal with it in an appropriate manner.  Bitterness is a poison that will only kill you! Don't let it!

Father, thank you so much for giving us a way to deal with the hurt, anger and bitterness in our lives.  Thank you for taking away our pain and giving us peace.  You are a good, good Father and we love you.  Praise and glory be unto you!  Amen.

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