Thursday, September 1, 2016

Moving, and returning, and trying to figure it all out!

Ok, so a few months ago I moved over to and honestly, I really liked the set up. It was easy to use and it worked well for everything I was trying to do.  So why am I back over here now?  Well, address for my blog was TERRIBLE!  See:  I have my own domain name, but to use it anywhere I have to pay and right now I am just not financially situated enough to take on another payment.

I also tried Wealthy Affiliate and their WordPress platform.  It is easy to use, but again, way too expensive!  I don't have $49 a month to spend on a blog right now....especially one that is so hit and miss at this point in my life.  It's a great platform, but just out of my price range.

So, here I am coming back to blogger. I have someone willing to teach me how to use it correctly and get the most out of it.  So please bear with me through all of these changes.  I promise, I will settle in somewhere soon!

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