Wednesday, September 21, 2016

JIC: Jewelry In Candles Review

Have you ever heard of Jewelry in Candles?  I had, but I had never tried them.  I don't burn candles any more because I have pets and grandkids and I am scared to death that one of them will set the house on fire.  So, I use warmers to scent my home.  Luckily, Jewelry in Candles (JIC) has wax melts!

One of my Work From Home Club sisters was kind enough to send me a package of the wax melts to review.  She let me pick the scent I wanted as well as the type of jewelry I would like to have! I picked Lavender and earrings of course.  She boxed it up really nice and even threw in some extras for me to try.

When the package arrived I immediately cleaned my warmer (which I bought from Pink Zebra) so that I would not have any other wax in the warmer.  I wanted to give the JIC a fair chance like I would every other company.

The wax was a little soft because it arrived via USPS on a warm day.  It was easy to break apart to put into the warmer.  I think it was a little too soft and I probably should have waited, but I was really excited to try it!  The wax melts are really easy to use...just drop them in the warmer dish and go! 

After the wax melts, that is when you can remove the little package containing the jewelry.  The wax does not get so warm that it will burn you so you can just reach in a pick up your package.  

Inside the gold foil paper is a piece of jewelry protected by a little plastic bag. 

I received a very nice pair of earrings that will go with anything I decide to wear.  I do not know their value and honestly it doesn't matter to me.  However, according to their website the jewelry can range in value from $10 to tens of thousands of dollars.  I hope my earrings are only worth $10 because I already misplaced one of them. Yes, I am that scatterbrained sometimes! 

When you first put the wax melt in the warmer and it starts melting you can smell the lavender flow about the room.  I was slightly disappointed because it was not very strong.  Even when I left the room and came back, the scent was not as strong as other wax melts I have used.  The scent didn't seem to linger as long either.  I am thinking it is probably the scent that I picked.  Even when I use lavender essential oils in my diffuser it is not real strong and doesn't linger like some of the others.  

I am not going to rule out JIC just yet! I am going to give it another chance with a different scent and see how it goes.  I should have waited to order this month because the scent of the month is Cinnamon Streusel and Hazelnut Coffee!!  That probably smells amazing!!  

If you would like to check out Jewelry in Candles, please contact Blair Richards and let her know that I sent you!  Place your order at Blair's Candles

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my very own and reflect my experiences.  The discount or samples provided to me do not influence my reviews.  

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