Friday, September 30, 2016

5 Tips To Being a Long Distance Grandparent

As you all know, I am the Nana to many grandchildren.  I love them all so much, but I don't always get to see them all as often as I want to because they don't all live close by.  I have been really bad about staying in touch with the ones that don't live near me.  I am not sure why other than it is easier emotionally not to think about it.  That is the WRONG approach!  So, I am going to do better.  There are a lot of ways to foster that relationship with the little ones that are far away.  Here are some tips:

1. Skype - Skype is a great way to not only get to speak with the grands that are so far away, but you can also see them and they can show you all of their wonderful crafts, toys, new clothes, etc.  It is a great way for you to watch them open the gifts you send to them as well.  It is almost like being there with them....almost.

2. Cards - Send your grands cards once in a while so that they hear your name and never forget who you are. Not that they ever would, but as a long distance grand that is a fear that we have.

3. Videos - Most of the older grands have cell phone or computers now, so why not send them text messages and videos?  They don't have to be long videos, but long enough to tell your grand you love them.

4. Collections - Does your grand collect things? Hot Wheels, stamps, coins, etc.  If so, keep up with the items your grand already has so that you may send your grand more to add to their collection. If they do not collect anything, get them started on something.  They will appreciate it later.

5. Pictures -  Send your grands pictures of everything! When you go on vacation, send them pictures of it.  When you get a new pet, send them pictures.  Send them pictures of you tooling around the house doing everyday things.  They will love them!

There are so many different things you can do to keep in touch with your grands.  They are little, so it will be up to you to reach out.  Work out something with the parents so you can stay in contact on a regular basis.

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