Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Does your home smell amazing?

What is Pink Zebra?  I know, it has a crazy name, but the products are pretty awesome!  Pink Zebra is a direct sales company that provides warmers, sprinkles (scents), and a lot of other home décor.  They have been in business for around 5 years and I don’t see them going anywhere any time soon.

I have been trying to find a company that provides a warmer and a variety of scents that last a long time and are not too strong, but not too weak either.  I have tried just about everything that I had heard of, such as Scentsy and Party Lite, but now it was time for Pink Zebra!  I really liked a lot of the Scentsy bars, but many of them are too perfume smelling for me.  I only tried a couple of Party Lite scents, but they didn’t seem to be as strong as I like. I have since discovered that you have to use the right warmer with the right bulb to get the right effect from each companies wax melts.

Pink Zebra is strong!  The good thing about the sprinkles is you can decrease or increase the amount you use based on the strength of scent you want.  I had previously used some of the sample that the consultant sent me in my Scentsy warmer and honestly, I was disappointed.  Now I know that the Scentsy warmer is not appropriate for melting the sprinkles provided by Pink Zebra.  My warmer from Pink Zebra came in today and I plugged it in right away.  I poured a cap full of the sprinkles in the dish and WOW!!  The scent started flowing through the air within just a few minutes.  I used too much!! I couldn’t believe it!  I thought I wasn’t going to have enough in there to make a difference, but oh my!  I have been sitting in a room that smells like Patchouli Sandalwood for hours.   Next time, I won’t use as much as I did this time because I will know better!

I love how many scents Pink Zebra has to offer and the fact that you can mix scents to make other scents.  The Shimmering Lights are really pretty and there is a wide variety of shades to go with just about any home décor.  Apparently I am going for a pirate looking décor because I have the Skull shade and the Seahorse Shade.  They are beautiful!

The only problem I have with Pink Zebra is if you want a cool warmer you have to not only purchase the $25 base and “Shimmering Lights”, but you will also want to purchase a shade to put over your warmer.  The shades vary in price from $18 to $80!  My daughter bought me two shades that were on my wish list; that meant I had to buy two “Shimming Lights” (warmers) to put under the shades.  I could have bought just one Shimmering Light, but that would mean I could only use one shade at a time.  I want to be able to use two shades in different rooms in the house.  So, my warmers got kind of expensive. 

Shimmering Lights without a Shade

Shimmering Lights with the Seahorse Shade

Overall, I really like Pink Zebra products!  My consultant, Ann Lammers, is a great lady!  She really gave her all in my party.  She was very helpful to my partygoers and to me.  She kept me informed of my party total and helped me reach enough sales to get a ½ price item. I look forward to many years of using Pink Zebra!

If you haven’t tried Pink Zebra you can contact Ann Lammers via her Facebook page at  or you can just visit her Pink Zebra page at to place an order. 

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