Thursday, April 21, 2016

Are you Overwhelmed?

It seems like every day I add more and more to my plate.  I babysit my grandkids, I run a prison outreach, I am in direct sales, I am trying to blog, I take care of my pets, I have a yard and house to care for, I want to plant a garden, I keep adding more social media platforms to my phone, and the list goes on!! It affects my stress levels, my ability to sleep, and keeps me so busy that I feel like something is always being neglected.  How can I fix this problem?

I have heard of virtual assistants, but I don't know anything about them.  I have tried reaching out to others for help, but they all have their own lives to worry about.  Surely there is something or someone out there that can help me accomplish everything I need to on a daily basis.  Isn't there?

I started using Postcron to post content on Facebook and Twitter. I want to add more social media platforms, but I am taking it slow.  It already takes a little over an hour to set up one days worth of posts so I can't imagine adding more platforms or even more days at this point.  It has helped give back a little bit of time through out the day though and that is wonderful!  It is worth the $9.99 a month to free up time I can put to use on other projects.

I also joined The Work From Home Club and they handle all of my marketing materials. I give them the information and they put it all together for me.  That saves me a LOT of time and only costs $35 a year.  Considering everything they do for me every single month, that is an amazing investment!

What sort of things do you utilize to help you stay organized and to free up some of your time?  What social media platforms do you use? Do you feel like your online presence has been helpful in your business? Comment below with your experiences.  I would love feedback from those who own and run small businesses.  Thank you!

While I am waiting on you, I am going to get back to work!  The boys are sleeping so I have to take advantage of the little time I have where a child is not demanding to be held.  I wouldn't trade my life for the world!

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