Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Are you Feeding Your Pet the Right Food?

This week I came across an opportunity that will not only benefit me but will also make my fur babies very happy and healthy! I was introduced to a direct sales company for pets called pawTree! PawTree offers a line of customized pet food as well as other unique exclusive dog products such as dog treats, health supplements, and accessories. Every pawTree product is created with love and passion for dogs.

When you become a pawTree petPro, you can earn extra income. What is pawTree petPro? As a pawTree petPro, you will “experience the pawsibilities of profit with a purpose.” There are three ways to earn from being a petPro: Share, Build, and Lead. You can read more about it at pawTree Become A petPro.

As a pet parent it is important that you understand providing them with quality nutrition is vital to improving their quality of life.  Think about it like this...would you feed your child a Happy Meal every day three times a day? No, probably not, because that would give your child low energy, poor digestive health, and poor nutrition traits like brittle hair and pale malnourished skin. Not to mention, you would be putting them at risk for childhood obesity and setting them up for failure in their adult life.

If you are not doing your nutritional research for your pet, you are probably giving them the doggy equivalent of a Happy Meal.

I have been trying to figure out which dog food is best for my fur babies for years now.  I have used everything from Ol Roy to Purina Dog Chow.  Come to find out, everything I have been feeding my babies is far from being good for them.  There are so many different options and it can become overwhelming to a pet parent.  pawTree makes it easy! 

pawTree provides customized nutrition plans for your pets. 

When you sign up to create a profile for your pet, your provide some information that will help form a customized nutrition plan. You provide:
and Energy Level

All of this information plays a factor in how much, and what kind of food, your pet should be eating.
You also indicate if your pet has any allergies, and what issues you are hoping to address:

For example, I indicated that Danzig has bad gas (he is a pit mix so...haha), Misfit is itchy, and Trinity, well, she eats poop.  I had no idea that these things could be fixed with food!  I was looking for an answer and all along it was something they lack in their nutrition.

Does your pet have issues that could be resolved with nutrition? 

If so, you need to give pawTree a try! Click here to create a profile for your pet, and get their customized nutrition plan.  As your pet gets older and possibly less active you can update his/her profile to reflect the new lifestyle.  This will help keep your pet healthy throughout all stages of life. 

What else does pawTree offer?

If you want to cover the cost of your dog's nutrition, you can become a petPro!  By getting others to sign up, you can earn credit toward your fur babies food.  In addition, you will be educating others about the importance of pet nutrition.  If you are not interested in becoming a petPro, that's ok.  You can join the pawClub and receive discounts and earn points while providing high quality nutrition for your fur baby.  If three of your friends sign up as pawClub members, you can earn FREE food! 

Does pawTree sound like something that would benefit your pet?

I invite you to check pawTree, and you’ll find all the answers on how to be a Paw Club Member and petPro at pawTreeFAQ.

From pawTree CEO, Roger Morgan, pawTree is “to educate and empower pet parents – to help them make informed decisions and feel good about giving back to their pets.” pawTree is a better way to care, better way to know, and better way to share.

Explore and experience the possibilities to help pets live a better life through pawTree petPro, a unique business opportunity with a purpose.

Is pawTree petPro something you would like to try?

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