Thursday, April 21, 2016

Are you Overwhelmed?

It seems like every day I add more and more to my plate.  I babysit my grandkids, I run a prison outreach, I am in direct sales, I am trying to blog, I take care of my pets, I have a yard and house to care for, I want to plant a garden, I keep adding more social media platforms to my phone, and the list goes on!! It affects my stress levels, my ability to sleep, and keeps me so busy that I feel like something is always being neglected.  How can I fix this problem?

I have heard of virtual assistants, but I don't know anything about them.  I have tried reaching out to others for help, but they all have their own lives to worry about.  Surely there is something or someone out there that can help me accomplish everything I need to on a daily basis.  Isn't there?

I started using Postcron to post content on Facebook and Twitter. I want to add more social media platforms, but I am taking it slow.  It already takes a little over an hour to set up one days worth of posts so I can't imagine adding more platforms or even more days at this point.  It has helped give back a little bit of time through out the day though and that is wonderful!  It is worth the $9.99 a month to free up time I can put to use on other projects.

I also joined The Work From Home Club and they handle all of my marketing materials. I give them the information and they put it all together for me.  That saves me a LOT of time and only costs $35 a year.  Considering everything they do for me every single month, that is an amazing investment!

What sort of things do you utilize to help you stay organized and to free up some of your time?  What social media platforms do you use? Do you feel like your online presence has been helpful in your business? Comment below with your experiences.  I would love feedback from those who own and run small businesses.  Thank you!

While I am waiting on you, I am going to get back to work!  The boys are sleeping so I have to take advantage of the little time I have where a child is not demanding to be held.  I wouldn't trade my life for the world!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Want Real Support for Your Business?

About a month ago I was introduced to the Work From Home Club on Facebook.  I was skeptical for about 5 minutes.  Haha!  I read over all of the files and looked at the GoFundMe page and decided I needed this.  I joined for $20 (I asked for flyers instead of a t-shirt, but if you want the t-shirt it's $35).  Since that time my flyers have been made for my Tupperware business and they are currently working on my gif and my capture page for Norwex and Purely.  If you need emotional support, advertising support, or just want to get to know a Club full of amazing people on the same direct sales path that you are on, come on over and join me.  Make sure you tell them I sent you (they give you $5 for each person you bring in the Club that signs up for a paid membership)! If you don't want a paid membership, that is fine too!  You can still join the Club and participate in all the free member drawings. There truly is something for everyone.  Join the Club! 

Here is what is posted on the Club page: 

We have formed this club to help the person struggling with making a living from home or with their craft items. We provide each other with support, tips and tools!

Welcome to our Facebook group! Shoot me a friend request and introduce yourself to the group! (an admin will approve it if it is not an advertisement)

The club starts here but does not end in this Facebook group. This is the main meeting place of our CLUB. If you are here you are considered a 'free member'. Please feel free to participate in our activities and drawings where applicable and meet new connections! We only allow ads posted to the wall on Sundays or during a special themed day Thanks for your help in making this CLUB the best thing to ever happen to the 'work from home' person!

The ideal member will meet these qualifications:
*Have a business you work for yourself, or a craft you make and sell 
*A desire to grow their business with networking and real relationships
*A understanding that those that help you NEED YOUR HELP TOO
*Be ready to share club posts and participate in the daily conversation threads
*work together with the other club members and the club itself to help grow the club that helps grow your business
*A desire to learn from and help teach others
*have a desire to gain business building tools for their business WITHOUT a monthly fee for said tools
• Example of above mentioned tools:
• Online Events
• Capture pages
• GIFs
• Business cards
• Business Flyers
• Refrigerator Magnets
• Car Magnets
• 'Featured Member' posts to grow your fan base
• And just about anything else you can think of to help your business grow and spread the word!

We have a free membership as well as our $35 a year membership. With the free membership you are able to participate in business building activities and drawings for free. We just ask that you are active in participating in the Facebook group posts.

As a paid member you are entitled to the same activities as free members but also receive one free promotional tool of their choice each month as well as many other paid member perks like online events and having the club 'feature' your page and business for 7 days! I could go on and on and on!
No one is ever required to purchase from another member or pay to play a game! The only fee is for your yearly membership if you want to receive all the business building materials, events and support.

We also sell these listed items individually without a paid membership.
A personal GIF for your business = $5
125 personalized flyers for your business = $20
A personalized Capture or Landing page for your business = $10 (this is for you to use FOREVER with a onetime fee of only $10, much less than the monthly fee others charge!)
Online events = $5 for a month long event 
(current events are listed here
A personalized T-Shirt for your business = $25 +shipping
To apply to be a member of our Club simply fill out the very short application
or send an email to WFHC@OUTLOOK.COM to get started or order an item without being a member.

You will be contacted via email after that.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Are you Feeding Your Pet the Right Food?

This week I came across an opportunity that will not only benefit me but will also make my fur babies very happy and healthy! I was introduced to a direct sales company for pets called pawTree! PawTree offers a line of customized pet food as well as other unique exclusive dog products such as dog treats, health supplements, and accessories. Every pawTree product is created with love and passion for dogs.

When you become a pawTree petPro, you can earn extra income. What is pawTree petPro? As a pawTree petPro, you will “experience the pawsibilities of profit with a purpose.” There are three ways to earn from being a petPro: Share, Build, and Lead. You can read more about it at pawTree Become A petPro.

As a pet parent it is important that you understand providing them with quality nutrition is vital to improving their quality of life.  Think about it like this...would you feed your child a Happy Meal every day three times a day? No, probably not, because that would give your child low energy, poor digestive health, and poor nutrition traits like brittle hair and pale malnourished skin. Not to mention, you would be putting them at risk for childhood obesity and setting them up for failure in their adult life.

If you are not doing your nutritional research for your pet, you are probably giving them the doggy equivalent of a Happy Meal.

I have been trying to figure out which dog food is best for my fur babies for years now.  I have used everything from Ol Roy to Purina Dog Chow.  Come to find out, everything I have been feeding my babies is far from being good for them.  There are so many different options and it can become overwhelming to a pet parent.  pawTree makes it easy! 

pawTree provides customized nutrition plans for your pets. 

When you sign up to create a profile for your pet, your provide some information that will help form a customized nutrition plan. You provide:
and Energy Level

All of this information plays a factor in how much, and what kind of food, your pet should be eating.
You also indicate if your pet has any allergies, and what issues you are hoping to address:

For example, I indicated that Danzig has bad gas (he is a pit mix so...haha), Misfit is itchy, and Trinity, well, she eats poop.  I had no idea that these things could be fixed with food!  I was looking for an answer and all along it was something they lack in their nutrition.

Does your pet have issues that could be resolved with nutrition? 

If so, you need to give pawTree a try! Click here to create a profile for your pet, and get their customized nutrition plan.  As your pet gets older and possibly less active you can update his/her profile to reflect the new lifestyle.  This will help keep your pet healthy throughout all stages of life. 

What else does pawTree offer?

If you want to cover the cost of your dog's nutrition, you can become a petPro!  By getting others to sign up, you can earn credit toward your fur babies food.  In addition, you will be educating others about the importance of pet nutrition.  If you are not interested in becoming a petPro, that's ok.  You can join the pawClub and receive discounts and earn points while providing high quality nutrition for your fur baby.  If three of your friends sign up as pawClub members, you can earn FREE food! 

Does pawTree sound like something that would benefit your pet?

I invite you to check pawTree, and you’ll find all the answers on how to be a Paw Club Member and petPro at pawTreeFAQ.

From pawTree CEO, Roger Morgan, pawTree is “to educate and empower pet parents – to help them make informed decisions and feel good about giving back to their pets.” pawTree is a better way to care, better way to know, and better way to share.

Explore and experience the possibilities to help pets live a better life through pawTree petPro, a unique business opportunity with a purpose.

Is pawTree petPro something you would like to try?

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Little Bit Personal

Many of you may not know this about me, but my husband has been in a correctional facility for the past 15 years.  Today he started his LAST YEAR!!  No, I have not been sitting here waiting on him for the past 15 years.  In fact, I have only known him for about 6 years.  We got married in 2014.  Yep, prison wedding.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  We signed our lives away to each other in front of one of the most important people ever.....GOD!  We made a covenant before God to love each other and be husband and wife until death.  I just pray he never does anything to make me have to kill him!  Just kidding!!!  Seriously, we know that God had a hand in us becoming a couple and we are going to do everything we can to please Him.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because of the new countdown clock on the right side of the page.  That is exactly how long I have until my husband and I get to go on our honeymoon!  That is exactly how long I have to get my businesses up and running at top speed so I can take a vacation with my husband.  That is exactly how long I have until I can see, talk to, and love my husband every single day!  I am so excited!!!  I am also scared to death!

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we get through this last year.  God knows what we need, so I won't spill it all here.  Thank you so much for being on our team.  May God bless you every day!